Selling your items at auction with Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. is simple!

At Oneiron Auctioneers LLC., we strive to make the process of consigning your items in one of our public auctions as easy as possible. We have  staff ready to develop an auction plan that is right for you!

Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. offers tailor-made auction options to serve your needs. We offer: straight consignment and commission sale, guaranteed auction proceeds based on inventory and inventory purchased as a package. That’s right. We will write you a check for your fleet!

Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. can host auctions at our location, your location, and even online. Our permanent auction facility can accept your equipment anytime Monday through Friday year around. For an auction at your location, our team will arrive at your chosen site and take care of all aspects of the auction process from set up to check out. When Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. is at an offsite location, we fully utilize a self-contained office along with the latest in cellular and satellite technology. This ensures we stay connected to our auction guests from around the world, and you get the best service we have to offer. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC, offers online bidding for most auctions - this is another way we try to go above and beyond for our customers!


Marketing with Oneiron Auctioneers,LLC. is simple!
Once you decide to let Oneiron Auctioneers LLC host an auction, our team of auction specialists go straight to work for you. Our inventory managers along with our marketers, develop the best plan for marketing your auction. We do many types of advertising to make sure your auction is a success. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. generally sends a mail-out to our vast customer database. This will consist of a post card and/or a full color sales day brochure with pictures and descriptions of auction items. These are sent out several weeks prior to the auction. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. also utilizes all major trade publications and mass media markets such as radio, T.V. and popular social media outlets. This ensures that the word gets out about your auction.

We have an email database that is consistently updated. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC. always has the most current data available as possible. Our website is updated daily to showcase the current inventory available. Online guests look to us to provide item details about each lot, and our online following proves we are a trusted online - absolute, public auction site. We continue to see a huge turn out at our auctions, Oneiron Auctioneers is seeing an enormous increase in online presence. We are having people from around the world bid in our auctions through online bidding. This is giving our sellers the ability to achieve a global value for their items. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC online bidding is also showing us a tremendous push in pricing. We have many Online sites we use to offer the ability to bid online for our customers. We have a very easy to use APP that’s available through the Apple App Store and Google Play for free for buyers to use. One thing that we have bought back is LIVE in person auctions. All of our auctions unless otherwise noted, give you the opportunity to come see, touch and feel the item before bidding on it.

Our goal is to make you, the seller, the most money possible for your items. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC may not always be the 'lowest bidder' when you are looking for an auction company, but we promise to provide you the most value possible in our services. We promise to continually go above and beyond for our customers. Oneiron Auctioneers LLC, we believe in preparing for every conceivable scenario. We will consult with you every step of the way and make sure we achieve the desired results for your auction.

Oneiron auctioneers LLC, Marketing Techniques:

Full color postcards or brochures mailed to thousands of perspective auction buyers
Online Advertising and Email Blast reaching millions of viewers
Print Advertising in all the major construction industry publications
Newspaper and Trade-paper advertising in hundreds of local and national markets
Dedicated telemarketing team to notify auction buyers of upcoming auctions
TV & Radio Advertising in markets where the auction is being held

Selling Requirements:

Seller must properly sign a full auction agreement before items are sold at auction.
All seller requirements and responsibilities are discussed during the process of signing the agreement.
Seller must disclose known damage history of property honestly, accurately, and completely.
Seller must be the legal owner of the property with full right and authority to sell such property.
Seller must maintain insurance against loss and/or damage to the property. Seller acknowledges and agrees that all risk of loss or damage to the Property will remain with the Seller until proceeds from its sale are received by you, the seller.
Other requirements listed in auction agreement in detail. Please contact the office for more information.

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